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Key Features:

  • Blocks Off-hook DC Voltage
  • Passes AC Ring Signal
  • 250 VDC Ratings For Telecom Interface
  • Choice of SMD Chip Sizes
  • Low ESR versus Frequency
  • Stable Temperature Performance (X7R)

The Tip & Ring MLCC series are designed specifically for telecom ringer circuit applications where it is necessary to provide a block of the line voltage (typically -48 VDC) while passing the AC ringing voltage. These compact ceramic SMD chips replace bulky leaded film caps saving board space and stream-lining the assembly process.

Tip & Ring Chip Capacitors 250 & 300 VDC

Electrical Specifications

Tip and Ring Dielectric Characteristics

Capacitance Values

Capacitance selection chart for 0805 through 1808
Capacitance selection chart for 1812 through 2225

How to Order

Tip and Ring Part Number Breakdown


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Part Number Capacitance Voltage Rated Tolerance Case Digi-Key Stock
0.022µF 250V ±10% 0805 (2012 metric) digikey

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