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Johanson Dielectrics is the premier supplier of Planar Capacitor EMI Filter Arrays to the Filtered Connector Industry. Johanson filters exhibit excellent RF performance, as well as high SRF’s (Series Resonant Frequency). Planar Capacitors are the fundamental building block for filtered connectors in Aerospace, Biomedical, Military, Satellite, Industrial and Communication electronics.

Johanson offers NP0, X7R and MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) Planar Arrays in standard and custom solutions to fit your needs (1 to 150 pins).

MOV planar arrays can be used singularly to form low pass capacitive filters with the additional benefit of transient voltage protection. When combined together with planar array capacitors, they can form balanced and unbalanced Pi filters with transient voltage protection. The MOV technology enables smaller connectors to be built when compared to other discrete voltage protection component solutions, such as diodes.

We are eager to quote your custom requirements and unique products, in addition to your commercial or Mil-Standard needs.

Each Johanson part is customized to meet specific customer needs.

Planar Array Capacitors for EMI Filtering

Available EMI Filter Products:

  • Circular Arrays
  • Rectangular Arrays (ARINC 404/600)
  • D-Subminiature Rectangular Arrays
  • Custom Capacitor Arrays
  • Discoidal Capacitors
  • Discoidal EMI Capacitors


  • Power Supplies
  • Voltage Multipliers
  • Data Isolation
  • Surge Protection
  • Industrial Control Circuits
  • Custom Applications

Circular Arrays

Circular Array Capacitors for EMI Filtering
Example Physical LayoutDielectric MaterialAvailable CapacitanceWorking VoltageDWV Voltage
NP0 & Selected
47 pF to 1000 nFUp to 2,000 VDCUp to 2,500V VDC

Rectangular Arrays (ARINC 404/600)

Rectangular Array Capacitors for EMI Filtering
Example Physical LayoutDielectric MaterialAvailable CapacitanceWorking VoltageDWV Voltage
AR-010 Through AR-150X7R,
NP0 &
Selected MOV
47 pF to 1000 nFUp to 2000 VDC Up to 2,500V VDC

D-Subminiature Rectangular Arrays

D-Subminiature Array Capacitors for EMI Filtering
Example Physical LayoutDielectric MaterialAvailable CapacitanceWorking VoltageDWV Voltage
Full size
NP0 &
Selected MOV
47pF - 210nF
47pF - 100nF
47pF - 22.5nF
47pF - 3.0nF
47pF - 6.0nF
47pF - 120nF
47pF - 50nF
≤ 2,400
≤ 1,000
≤ 680
≤ 200
≤ 800
≤ 680
≤ 300
≤ 3,600
≤ 1,500
≤ 1,020
≤ 500
≤ 1,200
≤ 1,020
≤ 750

Custom Capacitor Arrays

Custom Capacitors enable a virtually unlimited custom array capability. Any shape, configuration or geometry is possible, and the performance characteristics of our arrays are only limited by the physics of the materials being used, and JDI & Johanson engineering is constantly focused on new material development to establish new limits. If you have a requirement and someone has said NO, call us because we want to say YES!
Custom Array Capacitors for EMI Filtering

Discoidal Capacitors

Discoidal Capacitors
Johanson Discoidal Feed-through Capacitors are the functional element in the popular and widely used EMI feed-through filters. Johanson Discoidal capacitors are versatile in meeting varied customer voltage, capacitance and dimensional requirements. These multi-layer capacitors are nonpolar, small, reliable and high in dielectric strength. These devices have very low impedance in their ground paths as their design allows the signal many (up to 100) paths to ground. Discoidal capacitors are ideal for by-pass, filtering, coupling, single line EMI/RFI suppression, and high frequency applications.

  • Robust construction, resist damage from handling
  • Capacitance values from 10 pF to 11.2 μF
  • Test standards and procedures per MIL-STD-202 and MIL-C-123
  • Voltage ratings from 50 to 3000 VDC and 50 to 240 VAC
  • Low ESR and ESL, non-polar designs
  • Nearly any outside/inside diameter combination, circular or square

While our discoidal product line is far too varied to list all available combinations, performance characteristics for some of our popular models are listed on the next page. Call us to discuss your special requirements!

Example Nominal O.D. (")Dielectric MaterialAvailable CapacitanceInside Diameter (")Thickness (")Rated Voltage
0.100 ± .005
0.150 ± .005
0.335 ± .005
0.345 ± .005
0.376 ± .005
0.643 ± .005
0.840 ± .005
NP0 &
Selected MOV
10pF - 66nF
10pF - 200nF
10pF - 2.8μF
10pF - 6.0μF
10pF - 8.0μF
10pF - 15μF
10pF - 20μF
0.025 ± 0.048
0.037 ± 0.058
0.034 ± 0.088
0.040 ± 0.085
0.050 ± 0.075
0.063 ± 0.080
0.050 ± 0.075
0.025 ± 0.070
0.025 ± 0.070
0.045 ± 0.110
0.055 ± 0.110
0.065 ± 0.125
0.055 ± 0.150
0.080 ± 0.130
Up to 200 VDC
Up to 200 VDC
Up to 500 VDC
Up to 750 VDC
Up to 750 VDC
Up to 750 VDC
Up to 1000 VDC


X2Y Technology Products

JDI X2Y® capacitor products employ a unique, patented internal design in which common shielding electrodes form a Faraday Cage around traditional capacitor electrodes. This nearly eliminates parasitics and creates two matched capacitors that are immune to temperature, voltage and aging performance differences. Available X2Y® products include planar capacitor arrays, discoidal capacitors, and large format chip capacitors offering the following performance advantages:

  • Significantly Lower EMI With One Component
  • Provide Superior Noise Suppression
  • Offer Differential And Common Mode Attenuation
  • Match Capacitance Line To Ground On Both Lines
  • Provide Low Inductance Due To Cancellation Effect
  • Reduce Component Count Whether Filtering Or Decoupling
  • Reduce Space Required For Passive Components
  • Significantly Increase Operating Bandwidth

X2Y® filter products provide optimal filtering and noise suppression solutions for DC motors, broadband filtering, filtered connectors, power line inlet modules, fiber optic and cellular applications.