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Key Features:

  • Rated Working Voltages from 25 to 500 VDC
  • Rugged Epoxy Coating Offers Increased Protection
  • Compact MLC Designs Smaller Than Film or Disc
  • Hi-Rel Screened Versions Available
  • Custom Sizes, Voltages, and Values Available


  • Power Supplies
  • Voltage Multipliers
  • Data Isolation
  • Surge Protection
  • Industrial Control Circuits
  • Custom Applications

Commercial Switch-Mode Radial Leaded Capacitors Diagram

Capacitance and Voltage Selection

W.300 max.(7.62 max.)25 VDC.070 μF7032.00 μF205
H.300 max.(7.62 max.)50 VDC.060 μF6031.60 μF165
T.200 nom.(5.08 nom.)100 VDC.050 μF5031.10 μF115
S.200 nom.(.508 nom.)200 VDC.040 μF403.730 μF734
H03LD.020 nom.(.510 nom.)500 VDC.020 μF203.250 μF254
W.400 max.(10.2 max.)25 VDC.120 μF1245.10 μF515
H.400 max.(10.2 max.)50 VDC.100 μF1044.10 μF415
T.200 max.(5.08 max.)100 VDC.082 μF8232.70 μF275
S.200 nom.(5.08 max.)200 VDC.050 μF5031.80 μF185
H04LD.020 nom.(.510 max.)500 VDC.030 μF303.670 μF674
W.500 max.(12.7 max.)25 VDC.240 μF2448.70 μF875
H.500 max.(12.7 max.)50 VDC.200 μF2047.20 μF725
T.200 max.(5.08 max.)100 VDC.180 μF1844.80 μF485
S.400 nom.(10.2 nom.)200 VDC.110 μF1143.30 μF335
H05LD.025 nom.(.635 nom.)500 VDC.070 μF7031.10 μF115
W.870 max.(22.1 max.)25 VDC.750 μF75422.0 μF226
H.600 max.(15.2 max.)50 VDC.620 μF62417.0 μF176
T.200 max.(5.08 max.)100 VDC.560 μF56413.0 μF136
S.790 nom.(20.1 max.)200 VDC.360 μF3648.00 μF805
H06LD.032 nom.(.813 max.)500 VDC.240 μF2442.90 μF295
W1.10 max.(27.9 max.)25 VDC.680 μF68435.0 μF356
H.600 max.(15.2 max.)50 VDC.560 μF56428.0 μF289
T.200 max.(5.08 max.)100 VDC.470 μF47419.0 μF196
S.980 nom.(24.9 max.)200 VDC.330 μF33413.0 μF136
H07LD.032 nom.(.813 max.)500 VDC.200 μF2044.60 μF465
W1.10 max.(27.9 max.)25 VDC1.20 μF12570.0 μF706
H.600 max.(15.2 max.)50 VDC1.10 μF11556.0 μF566
T.350 max.(8.89 max.)100 VDC.820 μF82437.0 μF376
S.980 nom.(24.9 max.)200 VDC.470 μF47426.0 μF266
H08LD.032 nom.(.813 max.)500 VDC.300 μF3048.70 μF875
W.670 max.(17 max.)25 VDC.450 μF45413.0 μF136
H.540 max.(13.7 max.)50 VDC.360 μF36410.0 μF106
T.200 max.(5.08 max.)100 VDC.330 μF3347.20 μF725
S.575 nom.(14.6 max.)200 VDC.240 μF2445.00 μF505
H09LD.025 nom.(.635 max.)500 VDC.180 μF1841.70 μF175
W.930 max.(23.6 max.)25 VDC1.00 μF10538.0 μF386
H.720 max.(18.3 max.)50 VDC.900 μF90430.0 μF306
T.250 max.(6.35 max.)100 VDC.750 μF75420.0 μF206
S.800 nom.(20.3 nom.)200 VDC.470 μF47414.0 μF146
H10LD.032 nom.(.813 nom.)500 VDC.300 μF3045.80 μF585
How to Order

Valid options are shown except for Capacitance
A typical PN is RLMF201G104J3QN001T. This part number breaks down as follows:

Capacitors H-Series Radial Leaded, Special, NP0/C0G, 200.0V, 0.10µF±5%, Radial Wire Encapsulated (Ni/SnPb), 7" Reel Paper Tape

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