TANCERAM® chip capacitors can replace tantalum capacitors in many applications and offer several key advantages over traditional tantalums. Because Tanceram® capacitors exhibit extremely low ESR, equivalent circuit performance can often be achieved using considerably lower capacitance values. Low DC leakage reduces current drain, extending the battery life of portable products. Tancerams® high DC breakdown voltage ratings offer improved reliability and eliminate large voltage de-rating common when designing with tantalums.

  • Low ESR
  • Higher Surge Voltage
  • DReduced CHIP Size
  • Higher Insulation Resistance
  • Low DC Leakage
  • Non-polarized Devices
  • Improved Reliability
  • Higher Ripple Current
  • Switching Power Supply Smoothing (Input/Output)
  • DC/DC Converter Smoothing (Input/Output)
  • Backlighting Inverters
  • General Digital Circuits
Sn-Pb Large Size Capacitor Chips
Tin-lead Tanceram Typical ESR Comparison
Tin-lead Tanceram Typical Breakdon Comparison
Capacitance Selection Tin Lead Tanceram Capacitance chart
Electrical Specifications
Temperature Coefficient:±15% (-55 to +125°C) ±15% (-55 to +85°C)+22%, -82% (-30 to +85°C)
Dissipation Factor:For ≥ 50 VDC: 5% max.
For &le 25 VDC: 10% max.
For ≥ 50 VDC: 5% max.
For ≤ 25 VDC: 10% max
For ≥ 10 VDC: 16% max.
For 6.3 VDC: 20% max.
Insulation Resistance
(Min. @ 25°C, WVDC)
500 ΩF or 10 GΩ, whichever is less
Dielectric Strength:2.5 X WVDC, 25°C, 50mA max.
Test Conditions:Capacitance values ≤ 22 µF: 1.0kHz±50Hz @ 1.0±0.2 Vrms
Capacitance values > 22 μF: 120Hz±10Hz @ 0.5V±0.1 Vrms
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Tin Lead Tanceram Part Number Breakdown