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These high voltage capacitors feature a special internal electrode design which reduces voltage concentrations by distributing voltage gradients throughout the entire capacitor. This unique design also affords increased capacitance values in a given case size and voltage rating. The capacitors are designed and manufactured to the general requirement of EIA198 and are subjected to a 100% electrical testing making them well suited for a wide variety of telecommunication, commercial, and industrial applications.
Sn-Pb Large Size Capacitor Chips Tin Lead Loarge size diagram


  • Power Supplies
  • Voltage Multipliers
  • Data Isolation
  • Surge Protection
  • Industrial Control Circuits
  • Custom Applications

Key Features:

  • Rated Working Voltages from 50 to 15,000 VDC
  • Low ESR Ceramic Out-performs Tantalums
  • Compact MLC Designs Smaller Than Film or Disc
  • MIL-PRF-55681 & Hi-Rel Screened Versions Available
  • Custom Sizes, Voltages, and Values Available

Capacitance Selection

Tin Lead Large Size Capacitance chart

Electrical Specifications

Meets the standard NPO & X7R dielectric specifications listed on the Tin-Lead Plated Electrical Characteristics Technical Note

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage

DWV = 750 VDC for 500 WVDC rated units,
DWV = 945 VDC for 630 WVDC rated units,
DWV = 1.2 X rated WVDC for ratings ≥ 1,000 WVDC

How to Order

Tin Lead Large Size Part Number Breakdown