New Product Release: Precision and Power Resistors

Precision and Power Resistors

Johanson is excited to introduce our new product line - Precision and Power Resistors! This new, high power and ultra-high precision (up to 0.01%) resistor line increases JDI's product breadth for designers of power electronics. This new offering is focused on power electronics for industrial, aerospace, medical, telecom and instrumentation markets. Some of the key features and typical applications for each series are as follows: - RWP's ultra-tight tolerance (to 0.005%) is ideal for circuit designs where precise resistances are required. - RWH and RWC both offer excellent pulse handling performance making them ideal for industrial applications such as braking systems. - RKS presents a special high temperature version to 300°C, ideal for military electronics and harsh environment sensors. - RHX is our high power, low inductance (at <10nH and <50nH) series which is good for power inverters, display heaters and more. - RNP is great for test equipment for its low TCR to ± 5ppm/°C. - And finally, our current sense offering RMC and RNC are ideal for power electronic circuits that need precision current-sensing capability. Examples are power management, safety systems and motor control applications.

Learn more by clicking here at JDI Precision & Power Resistors. For resistor technical questions, contact Jorge Varela at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 805-389-1166.