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Johanson Dielectrics Type SC ceramic chip capacitors are designed for AC voltage surge and lightning protection in line-to-ground interface applications in computer networks, modem, facsimile and other equipment.Johanson’s safety capacitor offering includes four different case sizes and NPO and X7R dielectric materials.These devices are surface mount ready with barrier terminations and tape and reel packaging.Information on capacitor safety ratings and certification details may be found below.

Polyterm® soft termination option for demanding environments & processes available on select parts, please contact the factory.


General Specifications:

  • Case Sizes: 1808 - 2220
  • Safety Ratings: X2/Y3, Y3, X1/Y2, Y2, Japan Law
  • Dielectrics Type: NPO, X7R
  • Capacitance Range: 5 pF - 4700 pF


RoHS Compliant

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